32 comments on Everyday I'm Studyin by elbeck

i'm crying inside at how perfect this is. not only are these from all my favourite fandoms, it also helped me do like five days worth of homework in two hours (or thereabouts)

I've loved this mix for 9 months. it's helped me completely through this school year and was probably the first mix that opened my mind to the brilliant world of composers outside of murray gold. thank you

Love the playlist... Just my only problem was that I thought my revision was actually, not just figuratively, going to kill me when 'A Lannister Always Pays His Debts' started playing. :P

This is a wonderfully varied playlist! As many other people have said, the blend of fandoms here is amazing - there really is something for everyone.

What a gorgeous playlist! It's really helping me get my work done, and I really love all the shows and movies you've incorporated into it.

I was expecting more acoustic/pop like the other studying playlists, but I was so happy to hear STAR TREK in the first song! asdfghjkl; Thank you so much. Now I have something to be happy about while studying for my Geometry test tomorrow...

Just sat down and was about to start studying...and the first track is from Star Trek. Really? I want to watch it now.

Though it's a beautiful mix.