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Tango Obsession


Can you say obsession? I know, ohhh do I know... Once one has been bitten by the tango bug they will never be the same.

A playlist for you with my kind of tango songs. Some traditional, some nuevo, some electrotango....but all are classy. Well maybe not the Comis one but who cares...it's awesome :) Enjoy!

16 tracks
2 comments on Tango Obsession

Awwww <3 love it! There’s almost nothing better than a little dance under a velvety dome of a fine summer night and the moon is still looking bright.
Particularly when dancing makes your heart smile.
So, dance…dance with obsession…and dance till your whole heart is content.
Because, feeling passion (for tango) is something I believe you will love forever.....and always remember!