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Places from the Silmarillion: Doriath, originally Eglador, was the homeland of the Sindar elves, ruled by Thingol and Melian. The majority of the land of Beleriand was protected by 'Melian's Girdle', thus earning it the name Doriath or "The Fenced Land". The dark history between the Sindar elves and the dwarves start here, with the slaying of Thingol.

This fanmix is for the the land of Doriath a place of beauty that housed Luthien and her people. The home of the Sindar.

  • The City Gates by tesommofr
  • 03 - The Road To Masyaf by Saad Talaat
  • OST The Hunger Games Soundtrack by Healing Katniss
  • Spirits of the Wild by Adrian Von Ziegler
  • Hawke Family Theme by Inon Zur
  • OST The Hunger Games Soundtrack by Katniss Afoot
  • Winterspell by Keith Yau
  • Cliffs of Moher by Adrian von Ziegler
  • Elven Sanctuary by Fantasy World
  • The Plains of Erathell by Grant Kirkhope
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