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Lord of Gifts


Character of the Silmarillion: Mairon was once a Maiar of Aulë, but was corrupted by Melkor, soon becoming the Dark Lord's most trusted servant and going by the name of Sauron. He is also Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, who convinced Celebrimbor to created the rings of power, and thus in turn created the One Ring. Many call him the Dark Lord, when in fact, he is the second to go by that name.

This fan mix is for Mairon, who was once a Maiar of beauty and creativity in his craft.

  • Stravinsky: Rite of Spring (part 1) by Kris Hammond 1
  • The Lost Tale by BrunuhVille
  • Stealth (Album: Synergy) by RS | Clearspeaks Music
  • Introduce a Little Anarchy by The Dark Knight
  • Asperatus by Mark Petrie Composer
  • Leviathan by Twin Scoring Studio
  • Agent Of Chaos by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
  • Richat by Mark Petrie
8 tracks
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