Is this playlist safe for work?


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I have same problem too. That's why i never used a direct soundcloud on making playlist. Instead, i upload them though it takes so much time. Btw, I used Sounddrain downloader for Soundcloud and Vk Audio Saver for all kinds of music. The best thing thing about VK is that you can download the original tracks with high res album art. Just sharing.

gah I though it was just me, most of my playlists are fucked up and i'm sure I forgot some tracks when I tried to fix them :(

ugh I tried reuploading a bunch but it's just so annoying to have to download everything to my computer. It takes so much timeee and I'm lazy lol

hi!!! I had that too with 88484932 songs, but i found a way to download songs. i use frostwire now and it's super easy!!! all you have to do is search frostwire on google and download the program, they ask a few things which u should read through carefully but further on it's really easy to download and in use. the songs you download end up in ur itunes and then you can just choose 'upload tracks' on 8tracks!! one tip if you use it: search for albums and not for particular songs, you usually find more in that way :-))

@electraheartss no, only in the beginning they ask if it's okay if your computer searches with yahoo instead of google and then you have to say no bc now my macbook automatically searches with yahoo nd im not a big fan of yahoo tbh aahah

@sadbbygrll you can fix that by opening safari and clicking in Safari > Preferences > Search and then change your search engine to google :)

me too. i can't stand it especially because this is my most used music site/app/whatever. i'll miss ur mixes though :-(