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Becoming a Jackal


There is a way down
That I wish I had not found
You just split yourself in two
One for them and one for you
One for them and one for you

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:) Ehh I'm surviving. I've definitely have never been this busy before, but I'm making it work and it's all gonna pay off in the end -- hopefully.

Oooh! Also, I'm back on the radio starting on Monday! http://uicradio.org/

I'll be on from 8-10 PM Central US Time, which I think means from 10 PM - Midnight your time. Just a heads up :)

How'd your editing turn out?? Ive been missing those lovely pictures of yours

1. Pieces - Villagers
2. You've should seen the other guy - Nathaniel Rateliff
3. Nancy from now on - Father John Misty
4. Thankless thing - Wild Beasts
5. The wolves - Ben Howard
6. For 12 - Other Lives
7. Maria Lionza - Devendra Banhart
8. Weekend - Texture Like Sun
9. Foreground - Grizzly Bear
10. Words in the fire - Patrick Watson
11. Just like a woman - Jeff Buckley