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All About the House


All house tunes with some Progressive House and Deep House songs. Not really any Tropical House because I have a playlist of just Tropical House music so check it out. If you like this playlist you may like some of the remix playlists or vocal playlists that I have.

16 tracks
2 comments on All About the House

One of the better and most dynamic playlists I've listened to before. Keep it going man, they are great. I'll be listening for sure

All of your playlists are so awesome! If you're ever up for a collab hit me up! Would to love make a progressive house playlist with you.

@LeinadDC Thank you I am glad you like them! Absolutely, I would be happy to collaborate a playlist with you, however I have never done that before, so you will have to guide me on the steps. Also the current one I am working on that is progressive, is Progressive and Deep House but needs added to a lot, if we want to do that, or start from new. Let me know!

@Electromixes It is really easy! Do you have soundcloud? Beacuse we can communicate easier there. Also i don't mind using the songs you're working with now, however i'm not a huge listener of deep house so i might only add progressive.