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The Invisibility Cloak


At night, under your Invisibility Cloak, you have the freedom to explore the whole of Hogwarts undisturbed. The moon lights your way along the corridors, the suits of armour shift and creak in the deserted library, portraits snore quietly as you climb the astronomy tower to stargaze. You can wander through the cloisters, up winding staircases and along secret passageways, slipping through a nearby door as Mrs Norris appears up ahead and stumbling across a strange mirror.

(The cover was made by me)

19 tracks
3 comments on The Invisibility Cloak

This is making me feel like I have indeed stepped underneath the invisibility cloak with Harry...thank you so much for this delight for my imagination...I adore this so much!!! :D Beautiful selections...can't wait to listen to your other HP playlists!