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An instrumental mix to complement the investigations of Lemony Snicket into the distressing and confusing circumstances in the lives of the three Baudelaire children.

Please be aware that this mix is pretty miserable and may be depressing. Feel free to listen to my mix 'bring it all back to you' if you need a pick-me-up: https://8tracks.com/mcgonagils/bring-it-all-back-to-you

Also, trigger warnings for mentions of fire, death and child abuse in the annotations, and spoiler warning too for the whole series, also in annotations.

(The cover was made by me, using an illustration by Brett Helquist.)

44 tracks
4 comments on The treachery of the world

This is very heartbreaking and I guess this sounds lame, but.... accurate for the books? Jesus, makes me want to hug the Baudelaires all over again and apologize for the treachery in this place. Fantastic!

@paper-dreamer-of-mine Thank you! I'm really pleased you think it's accurate! And the series is so heartbreaking, so I'm glad I got that right. I know how you feel, I just want to tell the Baudelaires everything will be okay. And the Quagmires too! those poor babies, omg xx

@mcgonagils No, you are! Seriously! This fits so well with the mood of the books! I'm up to the 12th book. I love it so much but I'm so sad to say goodbye to this series! Again, thank you so much for this brilliant mix! You should make more! Hehe. :)

@sparklesandsunshine Oh my god, I hope I didn't spoil anything in the series for you! I should really put a spoiler warning on this mix. I know how you feel, I was the same when I was finishing the series. I put off reading the last book for ages, I think mostly because I was scared of what might have happened in it. And I'm definitely going to make more mixes! :)