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dance your cares away


for those days when all you want to do is blast music and dance around your room like you dont have a care in the world.

23 tracks
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@lwoiden same, same! i actually havent yet, but ill be sure to check it out at some point!! i fell in love with everything in transit about 2 years ago and anything as brilliant as that is a must-listen! youre welcome for that!!!! <3

@elevamy Ahhh yes. I hear you 100%. I have 2 Jack's Mannequin tattoos. Seeing Andrew for the second time in November. Long time fan since 2005ish. Definitely give it a listen!! If you love EIT like I do, I doubt you will be disappointed.

You have officially caused my heart to just melt. Dark Blue is my absolute favourite Jack's Mannequin song, I think. Have you heard anything from his new self-titled album, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness? It's super brilliant like Everything in Transit. Anyways, thank you so much for that. Definitely made my night better. Thank you, thank you.