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Warning! Only For Being At Home Alone!


Songs to belt at the top of your lungs in the shower, while cleaning, while cooking, etc. Careful, spontaneous dancing has been reported.... :)

Feel free to leave suggestions!

BTW, reach the end of the entire playlist (before 8tracks shuffles because you've listened too many times...) and find a surprise that you think is epic or absolutely cringe-worthy - the ultimate 90s flashback and guilty pleasure!!!!

Picture from: http://www.holycool.net/my-kitchen-is-for-dancing-tote-bag/

99 tracks
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You needed suggestions ??? Dream on Dancing queen Let's get it on We Will rock you YMCA Hot stuff Smoke on the water Blitzgrieg bop Stayin Alive Let it be Here they are :)

Thanks for the suggestions! I've added in the ones that weren't already on the list (if I could find them). Enjoy!