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maybe in another life, i deserve you


maybe there's a universe where i'm the right person for you, because you could have loved me forever. and maybe, in another universe, i let you.

tracklist and reblog here http://korranaoki.tumblr.com/post/111094993045/listen-maybe-in-another-life-i-deserve-you

EDIT: I'm really sorry if any weird songs pop up, 8tracks keeps messing up the songs, just let me know and I'll fix it

14 tracks
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@Ayumu7 wow i'm so glad you liked it! i was trying to go for a "sit back and relax" feel, i'm glad i accomplished that. thank you so much!

I'm usually hesitant about listening to a playlist with [mostly] unfamiliar music, but in this case, it fit perfectly with the image + theme used, as well as my taste in music. *applauds* :)