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There is a void in your soul, but you don't remember what was there. There is someone in your head, and you don't remember who he is.

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  • Climbing Up The Walls by Radiohead
    There's someone inside you, and he's screaming
  • My Body is a Cage ) by John Carter Trailer Music (Peter Gabriel
    Are you crying, or is it the person in you head? The person you don't know
  • Iron by Woodkid
    You want him gone, this person in your head, he never stops fighting you
  • Who are you really by urla.javier
    You look and the mirror and see who you're not, the voice in your head is saying wrong, wrong, wrong
  • Kettering by 02
    Recalibrate, you know that's what you must do, but your handlers, they are gone and the voice in your head just gets louder
  • Me And The Devil by Soap&Skin
    you claw at your chest, it feels like something is trying to come out of you
  • Laura Palmer by Bastille
    you rip your sternum open, there's so much blood, the man inside your head is quiet
  • Novocaine by fall out boy
    You stare at your hands and realize that the man inside your head is you
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