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instrumentals of the fandoms


The fandoms collide!

(Mostly) instrumentals from the fandoms of Sherlock (BBC & RDJ), Pixar, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Welcome to Night Vale, Supernatural, Parks and Rec, The Hobbit, and Game of Thrones

[feel free to comment if I missed one.]

~ art by reapersun on Deviantart ~

  • Prologue by John Williams
  • Doctor Who Theme (Album Version) by Murray Gold
  • Supernatural Theme by ShapeShifter
  • Over The Misty Mountains Cold by The Hobbit
  • Monster Inc Theme (Randy Newman) by SultanKaar
  • Parks and Rec Theme Song by Ringtone
  • Sherlock Holmes Theme Song by Omar Adel Hosney
  • Game Of Thrones Theme Song For Orchestra by ForOrchestra
8 tracks
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