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songs that remind me of newton geiszler and hermann gottlieb post-uprising, so yeah they're all pretty sad songs

i added some annotations of some lyrics that spoke out to me

10 tracks
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i've been playing this while my friends who haven't seen the second film and i chill, and they've been loving it. i've just been like :'))) yeah... sure are.. nice songs... :') you've done a lovely job with this! very morose though

@shybairns i'm glad you guys like my playlist :'-)))))) also like!!! i know how you feel, none of my friends have seen uprising yet and i'm like! making playlists to express my suffering emotions lmaoo. thanks for commenting <3

@eliovian np, dude! i actually ended up dragging a friend out to see it that night, so i've finally got someone to listen to me. at least you're channeling your feelings productively for our collective entertainment, haha! hope your friends get out to see it soon (or that they get their hands on that boot that's floating around)