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A Great Tale of Toa Heroes


A mix dedicated to everything that reminds me of Bionicle. Some I can explain, some shouldn't need to be, and some I couldn't. They are titled according to what things/events/characters/etc they remind me of.

50 tracks
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I could definitely feel the emotion in "Rematch" on the Kohlli Field, Jaller and Takanuva vs Hahli and Macku vs Hewkii and Hafu. Hahli and Hewkii complaining about how Takanuva has the height advantage over them both and Jaller laughing cheering his friend on. Questioning Lhikan Questioning Self is another good one along with Ta-Koro (Old Friends), bonus cookie points for using music from The Hobbit! A Toa's Heroic Deeds is yet another favorite, Island Paradise Home No More, and Destiny Should Have Chosen You As Toa of Light/The Invisible Wall. Just all of these songs are perfect!