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Prayer Beads

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A mix for our darling Kimimaro Urabe. (Might contain Sweet Fuse spoilers.)

(Also I'm occasionally adding songs so drop a comment if you have any suggestions.)

  • Mediate (DiBo edit) by INXS
  • Bad Apple (English and Japanese stereo) by Rockleetist and Ashe, Masayoshi Minoshima
    Best with headphones.
  • No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine
  • All Of Me by John Legend
  • 으르렁 Growl by EXO
    Might be more of a Mikami song...
  • Coming Clean In Florida (Hilary Duff vs. Deadmau5) by GA§HERZ
  • How Did I Get Here? by Fastball
7 tracks
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