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Even When I Had Nothing


A mix for Steve and Bucky before the war. For getting beat up in back alleys and picking each other up off the ground again, for riding the cyclone at Coney island, for stupid inside jokes, for understanding each other better than anyone else in the whole world, for pretending, even when the threat of war looms like a wall in front of them, that everything will keep on being like this, always.

'Til the end of the line, right?

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12 tracks
5 comments on Even When I Had Nothing

omg this is the mix that made me discover running back to you, which is one of my favorite songs if not my favorite now. thank you soooo much for including it i owe you for that

This is the stucky fanmix I listen to the most, tbh. You did an amazing job picking out every song to reflect that innocence and naivety that you can relate with a simpler time, before brainwashing and serums and big government organizations-- you almost imagine Steve and Bucky's biggest problems being keeping up with rent, dealing with each other's feelings and homework. It always makes me happy and I never get tired of a single song. Love it. <3 C:

omgomg thank you so much I'm so glad you got everything I tried to put into it ahh song choice is always a really big deal for me whenever I make mixes, so I'm really happy you like it and that you got everything so perfectly skjdfhskjd thankyouthankyou