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Polyphonic Prairies


Sort of a electronica-rock-hip hop-ish blob. Enjoy.

V - Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Here's what I've been listening to lately. Just as some fair warning, the song Kid A will seem just a tad bit creepy at first. - E

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Agk! M1 A1! This song freaked me out so bad, when I was walking to school last year. I thought someone needed help or something, but it was just the song, I had to pause the song and listen and everything. I was somewhat terrified... Mrs. Cheater Pants. I didn't know M1A1 was by the "Godzillaz" :) How rebellious of you.

E-Fun mix so far. Definitely a different feel from your previous playlists. Currently listening to Que Onda Guero. I like the beat. Kid A was a bit creepy, I was doing something else and I thought "This is a little...interesting?" and then when I looked back at this tab, sure enough it was Kid A. -V