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Thanksgiving Dinner


A playlist of cheery oldies music about food, family, gratitude, and love. Perfect for all the cooking you'll be doing this holiday season!

Dance around the kitchen and give your loved ones big hugs for being part of your life :)

Oh, and enjoy Thanksgiving extra for me! It's my first time being out of the States on Turkey Day.

11 tracks
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love it! I'm obsessed with christmas so this helps prevent me from listening to christmas music until thanksgiving is over. Usually I don't have any fun music to listen to in the few anxious months before Christmas but now I do! Thanks!

Love this! I wish I'd known about it when I was spending Thanksgiving in Vietnam (no turkeys there, so we had duck!). I was definitely homesick and could've used this playlist :)

My friend Anna and I have been cooking all day for our first Turkey Day out of the States as well!! (We're in Istanbul, Turkey, adding an extra dash of hilarious to the whole thing.) Sending you fellow expat love for the awesome playlist!!! :D

Thank you! I have been basically spending this entire past month trying to convince my Swedish friends that there is a good reason for them to drop everything they are doing on Thursday and let me cook them a traditional American meal (you'd think that wouldn't be so hard!). I can't find any turkey, so I'll be stuffing a chicken instead. Oh, and I can only hope you're having better luck hunting down some pumpkin for the occasion than I am :)

Best wishes to you and Anna! Thanks again for the nice message!