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what's life without a little risk


a little dedication playlist to my baby (young sirius black tribute)

{i 500% believe that sirius black yelled “SIRIUS BLACK IS SERIOUSLY BACK” every time he came back to hogwarts after any length of absence be a trip to hogsmeade or a school break}

^ source: poliviah on tumblr ^

9 tracks
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aaah i'm so sorry! i didn't mean to leave you hanging, i totally forgot about typing up the tracklist. here it is:
1) I'm Good The Mowgli's
2) The Kids Aren't Alright Fall Out Boy
3) I Lived OneRepublic
4) Everybody Loves Me OneRepublic
5) Some Boys Death Cab For Cutie
6) Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones
7) Green Day 21 Guns
8) Joan Jett Bad Reputation
9) Heaven Knows The Pretty Reckless