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war paint

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I love this so so so much!!! good job mate :))) jonnor is like my fave and i can't wait to see how their relationship develops this season!!

@irrelevantareej Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! It's mine too. Their relationship is probably the best (in my opinion) representation of a young, innocent homosexual relationship. Most of the time, when gay couples are portrayed on TV or in movies, it's all about sex. But theirs isn't; it's about feelings, identity, and finding themselves as well as each other.... Wow, that was long haha sorry but again, thank you!(: xx

@redolentvelvet exactly!!!! i identify with that so much. their love is so true and poor and not bounded,i love how it is on the show. i absolutely dislike it when homosexual relationships are portrayed as only being sexual without any feelings. it's just unfair really. also your music taste is heavenly and i loved that fact this playlist was so soulful :) wasn't that long,besides long is just as wonderful :)) also thank you again for this playlist and the lovely reply. x