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Deleted Disney


Just a few of the songs that were not used in the final drafts of Disney movies, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Frozen. Enjoy! (I certainly did, as demonstrated by my annotations)
Also, when I say a few songs, I mean a LOT of songs. You know you're a dedicated fan (with a lot of time on your hands) if you listen to the whole thing!

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I also refuse to believe The Love Is Gone is actually gone, I grew up watching the VHS of Muppet Christmas Carol all of the time (we still have it in my basement). We had a box TV that my dad would bring up to my sister and I's room whenever we were sick and even in the middle of summer, I recall watching it. The Love Is Gone was one of my favorite songs from it, and even one of my favorite Disney songs period, and I can't believe they took it out. I love this playlist!

@MSchafer We would watch Muppet Christmas Carol every Thanksgiving morning, it's not Thanksgiving unless we watch it! I remember the year we got the *new* DVD, we were so excited and then...wait...where are all the songs? We went back to the old DVD after that :) I'm glad you like it!!

@mccoy.a Thank you so much! And I agree, the sound effects were a bit much-the would have made the already slightly tedious movie way longer, but they liked it enough to put the song at the end of the CD.