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i roared aloud here; i will; i am.


guess you can't hear a sound
in the shadows all tied down
cause these beats dwell
inside our hearts

only one thing left to do
i can hurt someone like you
tear you out for all to
see these lies

now you sing back to me
in a strange harmony
head of state facing up
to the guillotine

give me no choice but this
give the man in me a lethal kiss
root you out relentlessly
at last


a mix for our broken, strong, wonderful kaneki. cover art by ullbors.deviantart.com (used with permission).
tracklist: http://lollipopocoaster.tumblr.com/post/132963542479/i-roared-aloud-here-i-will-i-am-a-kaneki-ken

10 tracks
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