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I love the way you smile with your eyes.


Imagine that you had a relationship with young Axl Rose. It was everything you wanted. you did fight a lot cause he had such a strong character and you did as well but you also made love a lot, you both were happy together, Axl used to be so sweet to you, he used to brought you flowers all the time, and he also wrote you


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This is the second part of the history :)
songs like sweet child o' mine, don't cry, etccc you met him one night at a party when you were sixteen when teenage dirtb... playing and you were such an insecure little girl and you tought he would never look at you but he did, he even fell in love with you.
the relationship ended when you were 20 because of a lot of stuff but you two were meant to love eachother forever. you two found eachother when you were 23 and it was like christmas, it was like the first time, you both never fell out of love and you got back together and you've been together since, you two are even married right now and have a little girl named Valerie.