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all of my effort and time ended up being so worthless


using the el's pure energy, add succeeded in upgrading his dynamos so that he could go back in time. however, the world he arrived in was nothing like the one he remembered. the world of this past was similar yet, oddly different. his family wasn't dead, and what was most shocking was that someone who looked exactly like himself was living in this world happily

updated: 7/2/15
removed and added some songs

updated: 9/13/15
adding some songs so i can sleep to t hem.

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@adrei (sorry lol I'm on mobile) I'll try to! I know this playlist will probably get deleted soon due to the soundcloud stuff, so I'll try to do that! I don't know how yet, but I will

Incredible fanmix. From the song choices to the way you arranged the way they'll be played, it is something both soothing and eerie. I cannot explain how much I love this playlist outside of saying... I really love it. Thank you.