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I Burn Inside You


I finally got a playlist together for one of my favorite OTP's.

They're complicated, they're destructive, they're dysfunctional - and if I were in my right mind, I probably wouldn't ship them together, as they are a tad unhealthy... thankfully, I'm not entirely right-minded and I totally ship them. ;) Enjoy! :)

15 tracks
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This is the ship I shipped before I knew what shipping was! Thank you so much for this! I only wish there were more Xena/Ares playlists on this website. Oh, the memories this brings back!

@converseandsharpies You're welcome! I'm so glad it brought back memories for you. I'm always happy to see other Xena/Ares shippers out there. There just aren't enough of us on 8tracks yet. ;)