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Mostly Czech songs. First part from groups Zrní (inspired by everything: sounds, animals, comics, computer. The basis is current rapid, electronic time, which brings the sounds of machines, cars, cities, new human feelings and situations, new technical possibilities.)and Květy. Other Czech artist Barbara Poláková reflects in her songs on current situation on politics's scene. Write me, if you are interested about the others ;)

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2 comments on Nostalgia

i'm not really sure what does that mean! :D Sorry, i'm only a beginner. Anyway, I would like you reccoment me some other good and contemporary czech band, since i don't know anything but Midi Lidi or Čokovoko. Used to be more into czech oldies. ;)

Aha, so you are learning Czech? That's nice. I was confused about some of your playlists (thought you are Czech). I am trying all the time to find some bands. And recently I discovered "Zrní" and "Květy". They are really nice for me. I've listened some of your oldies playlists, they are nice and funny. When I discover some nice new band I will give you know. ;)