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Grandiose Speeches

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Hey thanks for creating this playlist.

It is an amazing one! A lot songs of these I didn't know :). However there are some songs that I know and are similar. I listed them below:

Anyama - Naxxos
One Day (Vandaag) - Bakermat
Niklas Ibach&Markus Spitta - Be Yourself
Netzwerk - Klangkarussell
Symphony - Thomas Jack
Gostan - klanga
It is not the end of the world - Laurent Wolf
Tagtraum Löwenherz & Freed
Netzwek - Klangkarussel

("Acid Pauli - Chelsea")
(B.o.B - Bombs Away (Lyrics) Ft. Morgan Freeman)

I created a playlist where I added some of those.

jyuzdepski thanks a lot ! Saddamavich I just wanted to share all the "speeches song" i discovered. According to me Obama's speeche has is place in this playlist !