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midnight math.


For those late-night study sessions when calming music just won't do it. Perfect for a Calculus all-nighter... I would know. Tracks including Broken Bells, Citizen Cope, and Dead Man's Bones.

19 tracks
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Lol so I was listening to this mix, then the remix of country roads came on. I'm from West Virginia, and it just seems random that there would be a remix of that song. haha it's awesome. Really cool mix!

I was already reallyyyy into this playlist. And THEN, the Pretty Lights Remix of Country Roads come on. NOW I'm in love with it. I'm going to kick this essay's ASS thanks to this fineee collection.

I can't believe no one's commented on how awesome this playlist is yet. This playlist is awesome! Thank you!

Except for the Country Roads remix. I'm sorry I couldn't do that one lol