Is this playlist safe for work?

gym stress release


A 30-track mix of both old and new upbeat hip hop/mashup/amazing songs...they will be sure to release your stress and get going at the gym!

29 tracks
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I'm not sure how to.. if you give me a website to make the zip file for download i'll definitely will do that!

if you don't feel comfortable using the site, then by all means, don't do it. but I know a lot of other blogs use mediafire to upload playlists and mixtapes. it's one of the safest sites you can use.

The site's main service is to provide free file hosting for sharing with others. By uploading your file to their servers you are providing a faster connection for the people you share it with, rather then using your home line. It also serves to save you bandwidth as you are only uploading the file once, and not multiple times like you would have to from your own line. So to answer your question, yes it is perfectly legal, but the content hosted isn't always legal.