Is this playlist safe for work?


please get off facebook, twitter, tumblr, or whatever you go on, put this playlist on and do your work so you will not fail okay this is for your health i swear

• some tracks are missing due to the recent soundcloud thing, will try to replace
• mostly includes movie, tv, and game soundtracks
• also trailer scores (+ like 4 songs with vocals)
• image by tatasz on deviantart
• will possibly get updated
• if u listen through this entire thing i commend u
• pls let me know if there's a song that really doesn't fit in (via twitter would be great)

129 tracks
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it is one of the best out there. Thank you taking the time to make a fantastic and brilliant playlist. it's nice to know there are people out there who can share their tastes in music that match my own.

This playlist is amazing. I'm in love with all your song choices, and its long enough to get me through the worst study days without being boring. Also? Your comments under songs are so funny and sweet I have to keep checking back for them.

Fantastic, takes you with on a epic journey far far away from the desk you are just working at for the past 8 hrs