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time to disconnect


"The ancient oak trees nearby creaked as the the gentle wind around them pulled them to and fro. Spanish moss draping from the strong branches swayed in the cool Georgia breeze. Wild cotton branched up & out from the soil. Baby’s Breath, Tickseed Sunflowers, and other variously colored wildflowers poked up in every possible square inch of the green mountainside, painting the ground every imaginable shade. The sun, awaking from its slumber, peeked out from behind the distant mountains. Its mood for the morning was set in the sky—a tranquil periwinkle. She laid in the dewy grass, mind afloat, drifting off into sleepy skies. Cicadas sang, and bullfrogs croaked, still in tune with the chorus of the darkened earth. Lips pressed into a soft smile, she listened to their peaceful serenade."

17 tracks
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