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Classic or Slow Flow

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@HarmonicVibration Thank you! I would recommend slow flow chill or Namaste those 2 playlists seem to be really popular... That's why I make the mixes over and over only slightly varied because I like the specific order I hear the songs. I nice trick is to remember the name of the playlist then search the user or specific tag - logged out and then you can hear it again in the same order!! <3

@emirykeif Yeah there are some tracks (like Tycho's stuff) that you just have to put in a yoga mix! You're smart I didn't even think to do that! I'm always logged in on all my devices but that's a good idea. Also I posted a new mix today which has a lot of vocals and chill remixes. Would love your feedback! (not sure if it's your style of music but I think you'll enjoy it)

This was amazing! I almost wish I hadn't listened to it because the flow was perfect and now it'll play the songs in a different order when I come back to it. What mix of yours would you recommend next for a morning yoga practice?