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school idol voices!


μ's and their singing voices are a huge part of love live!, but have you ever heard the voice actresses behind them sing their own songs? ♡ 21 non-love live! tracks sung by the love live! seiyuu! (plus a bonus track~)

by @iovewing/@30seclovelive on twitter!

22 tracks
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Sekai no Subete ga Teki da Toshitemo was life-changing, oh my GOODNESS :O Emitsun's voice is almost too much for me, it's so breathtaking.

This was wonderful listening :) I enjoyed identifying each person without looking at the name as it played in the background, ahaha.

There is something I've always loved about hearing seiyuu outside of the role I know them for and this whole playlist is amazing thank you for making it! The songs are all really cute, aren't they...

Thanks so much for uploading this, some of these songs aren't even on US iTunes. Really appreciate it. If you ever feel like updating this, Good Day Every Day/ Heart Collection by Mimorin and Anata no Aishita Sekai by Nanjolno are also really good songs. But thanks for giving me a new playlist while studying for finals :)

@somepinoykid Thanks for the suggestions, although Anata no Aishita Sekai should be included already? I've decided to limit myself to 2 songs per seiyuu (3 for Nanjolno, because I wanted to have both fripside + solo songs) but if I ever make another playlist, I'll definitely follow your suggestion! Thanks for the comment and good luck with your finals!!