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À la recherche du temps perdu


À la recherche du temps perdu..in search of lost time.

For studying, or for relaxing.
Piano music always makes me calm after a long, long day.
Hope you enjoy, or find it useful (especially those with final exams coming up, as well).
Good luck with whatever, and have a nice day.

  • A Childs Mind Song by Song Kwang Sik
  • 비오는 밤 by Donawhale
  • Lucky (Ballad ver. + Rain) by EXO
  • Yuhki Kuramoto by A Winter Story
  • Lake Louise [New Version] by 倉本裕基
  • Crystallized 高木正勝 by zetton1102
  • 비 맞는 선인장 by 쿠키앤초코
  • Rich Man,Poor Woman Ost by 23 ヒカリヘ (Piano Version)
  • 피아노 포엠 01.삼킬수 없는 슬픔 한조각 by Eum5924
  • Goodbye Summer by 에프엑스(f(x))
  • Fleur by Akira Kosemura
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