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thinking of home

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Damn, this playlist really touched my soul. Like how could you get so spot on? I bawled my eyes out like a little baby cuddling my pillow while thinking back on the good days. Sometimes I like to listen to this while picturing the autumn leaves falling on my naked body outside in my yard. Thank you for making this, I will forever be grateful, One love, keep it up my soul sister. May your hipster ways continue to flourish and ooze through your body and your soul and into the 8 tracks foundation that you have created. I bet you are really Hot in real life, one day I would like to ask you out for a pumpkin spiced latte and maybe a burrito. I will pay of course, might even take you to a movie. But, hey... one can dream.

Wow!! thanks so much for taking the time. So F#$%ing smooth. Transitions from song to song are beautiful. You truly have made my life a little better. Either you got lucky or you're really talented. This is a nice playlist!!!

This compilation is gorgeous. Some wonderful songs I've never heard before. All perfectly tagged and having the same pitch. Congrats!