Emma Diane
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Please stay, I need you. No-one's ever stayed with me this long before.


You and Niall have just had a Massive fight and you don't know if you guys will make it through this time. He leaves the house, slamming the door,and you're now 100% sure it's over for good.

P.s this is my very first mix so my apologies if it sucks.oh and cover photo by me (I know it sucks) and this mix consists of 12 tracks :) Enjoy - Emma

  • Barcelona by Number 15
  • Andrew Belle In My Veins by user229318644
  • Broken-Hearted Girl by Beyoncé
  • Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood
  • Holding on and letting go by Nadia_A
  • Sky Fierra (Swannda Chop) by Ghost
  • Ghost by Sky Ferreira
7 tracks
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