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The Scarlet Letter Mix

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1 Rhinannon by Fleetwood Mac: This song made me think a lot about Hester and how other ppl see her u feel me
2 Dreams - Fleetwood Mac again sorry: this song reminded me of Hester's life because its really sad and longing just like hester
3. Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones: ok so this song is practically about Pearl cause its about a female person who is like wild and free like Pearl and also Ruby = Red so weird omg
4. Lounge Act - Nirvana: this song is basically how Chillingworth feels about Dimmesdale and the lyrics are weird but its still a good song!!!
5. Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana: I thought of Dimmesdale because its really deppresing and the lyrics are really true to dimmesdale's life because he's just a depressing person until the end lol i hated him
6. Instant Crush - Daft Punk (ft Julian Casablancas): This song kinda reminded me of the scaffold moon scene cause its like super weird like moonlight-y (?) sounding and its about like a sort of broken love and it makes me anyways julians voice is beautiful in this song just like everything else about julian
7. Led Zeppelin - What Is and What Should Never Be
ok so this song is basically about a person who wants to run away with someone else cause they're in love or whatever like hester and arthur awww except not
8. Secret Door - Arctic Monkeys
yoooo so this song made me think about pearl this song actually might be about pearl just kidding but just listen to the lyrics you'll know what i mean
9. Do Me a Favour - Arctic Monkeys
This song is so much about Dimmesdale I'm actually crying just listen to the frickin lyrics and you'll feel it too
10. 505 - Arctic Monkeys
Um this song is like the last song except the last song was more like how arthur was feeling near the end and this one is how hester is feeling
11. No Expectations - The Rolling Stones
Very sad and hopeless just like the end of the book haha fun