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A tribute to India Stoker (from the 2013 thriller Stoker which by the way is amazing).
Notice her change from being a shy, somehow odd-seeming girl to a confident independent.. psychopath. (her fascination with her newly-arrived mysterious uncle Charlie might play some part in that transition)

with tracks by Emily Wells, Portishead, Death in Vegas and more.
now go and watch this movie *.*

cover art is by 8tracks user sinew.

12 tracks
3 comments on Becoming

uhhh hey, the cover art for this mix is mine. i don't recall you asking for permission use it which i'd suggest you doing next time. could you give some credit at least?

@sinew sorry for the late reply and especially for my mistake. not crediting you was like claiming i made it myself which was really not my intention, but still not cool. the least i can do is credit you and of course i'll replace it if you want me to. and do you want me to use your 8tracks name as credit or your tumblr? (i got the pic from tumblr, but now i can't find the post anymore so i don't know your url) in fact your comment was kind of a wake-up call for me, so over the next couple of days i'm gonna add the credit to all my 8tracks covers (yeah i know i should have done that from the beinning) again, i'm rly sorry and next time i'll definitely ask for permission.