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moon over you


love is exhausting but staring at the moon from your bedroom window somehow makes everything a lot more bearable, right? or is it just me.... either way, these are all songs to comfort you when it's getting dark and your getting sentimental or aching for that one person you can't have (or can you? idk)
✰ .⋆ ✧ *. ☽ ° ✩*

(btw a Happy New Year to you all! (even though "years" and "time" are meaningless concepts but anyway) I've had kind of an unvoluntary hiatus for the last few months but I have a couple of new mixes to publish over the next few weeks and i'll start putting out mixes twice a month again :))

✦ image credit belongs to Andrew Mangum: https://www.flickr.com/photos/46259360@N03/10068717124/in/faves-fetusboy/

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