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This price was too high...I lost him


A Philinda fanmix for all those Philinda fans out there! I hope you love it!

This first playlist represents the darker side of their relationship while the next playlist will represent the brighter side!

This is for all you heartbreaking fanfic writers out there!

Fanart: http://fanart-by-e.tumblr.com/post/92786301032/random-ship-coulson-and-may-full-size

16 tracks
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heyo! this is melindathecavalrymay from Tumblr !!!
awesome playlist !!! like every song would take me to some Philinda moment ... and I'd be like omg this is soooo Philindaish !!!

anyways fab playlist !!! this is gonne be my favorite thing on drive :D

@bhavana0306 I'm so sorry it's taken so long for me to reply! I've been so busy with school, and then I had to go visit family and OF COURSE I had to watch the AoS episode! Oh my goodness! It was SO AMAZING!!!! AND MAMA MAY OMG!!!!! IN LOVE!!!! Anyway, thank you so much for the feedback! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!! And all I wanted was to be able to create a playlist that mimicked the Philinda relationship! I'm so happy I succeeded! OHHHHH MAAAAAAAAHHHHH GAHHHHH!!! THAT IS SO SWEET!!!! I AM SO HAPPY THAT IT IS THAT GOOD!!!! Awwwwww!!! You made my day!! <3 Thank you so much!