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i'm not going to fight them; i'm going to fuck them


"I know what you want."
"Do you?"

well, this playlist does

lord baelish is a man of many desires, and here to represent them are a few songs of lust and ambition from various genres

tracklist: http://hartlins.tumblr.com/post/89788068663/im-not-going-to-fight-them-im-going-to-fuck

12 tracks
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@ except I'm not sure if Take Me to Church fits here, the tone of it is perfect but the lyrics don't work I think D:

@anoush.faghani it depends on one's own interpretation, of course, but i can totally see him as someone who seeks salvation for the things he'd done (the person he'd become) via sansa's innocence. that's partly what attracts him to her, that she succeeded where little petyr baelish had failed many years ago: she managed to survive in an incredibly cruel and dangerous environment AND remain naive and innocent, while he failed to remain the child he used to be before the duel

so in this sense, he admires her. i think. as i said, this is entirely a matter of interpretation at this point.

(but woo, thank you! i'm happy for constructive criticism/thoughts! :))