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worst pilot ever

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The playlist definitely fits him but I would think Professional Griefers maybe would have been on here to, but idk, besides that this playlist is so flipping good.

@GabeIsShiroTrash I considered that song!! It's one of my favorites (both the instrumental version and the vocals), but in the end I just couldn't figure out where in the track listing to put it. Maybe in the next Lance mix! I've got a bunch of voltron mixes in my drafts, I just need to get around to finishing them, hahaha. Thank you for your feedback!

@literal-satanist oh my god thank you!!! i'm so glad the hit worked out it's honestly one of my favorite songs and it gave me such lance vibes!! thank you again for your comment - it means a lot to me!

I'm currently so obsessed with this playlist. Besides perfectly capturing Lance (the Daft Punk tracks are definitely the ones I find to suit him most!), it's also catchy as hell and I'm so mad that 8tracks won't let me just loop it on repeat forever haha.

@striginesensibility !!! thank you!!! i had SO much fun making Lance's mix, it was definitely one of my favorites to make. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, thank you for your comment!!