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Jam Session Across the Pond!


A US/UK concept fanmix - America challenges England to a battle of the bands to determine which of their countries has the best rock music. Songs alternate UK, US, UK, etc. and fall across the spectrum from classics to metal to alternative to pop-rock. You judge the winner!

Cover art by: rockets on Tumblr

America: Y'know, England, you think you're pretty hot shit with your Beatles and your Rolling Stones, but I invented Rock 'n' Roll.
England: You may have invented Rock music, America, but I perfected it.
America: Oh, is that what you think? Well then I challenge you to battle!
England: //flashbacks// *hyperventilates* *coughs blood*
America: Waaah I'm sorry, England, I meant a battle of the bands!
England (through bloody teeth): I'll show you a bloody battle. Let's ROCK!

219 tracks