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This is the playlist for when you realise you're actually still in love with that guy from two years ago and it hurts to even think about - not the one to fix that heart but the one to be like 'yeah, i know, but i think we'll be ok'

other things to do include:
- sit inside while its raining
- light candles
- daydream LOTS
- watch movies such as; if i stay, stuck in love, and love, rosie

youll be ok

p.s cover art not mine credit to whoever has the sick tatts

  • Home by The Trouble With Templeton
  • A Mountain, A Peak by Bill Ricchini
  • Between the Bars by Elliott Smith
  • Beach Baby by Andrew Gavin Williams
  • Littlest Things (Lily Allen) by Stacy Yeonsue Koo
  • Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey
  • Open Season by High Highs
7 tracks
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