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The bad girl


"Do I look like I have a reason to be optimistic? Oh, yeah! I always forget that I'm a rich bitch, I will inherit a big fortune, I have a lot of friends and the best sister in the whole world, who ran away from home, by the way. Probably I'll be a successful business woman someday. Yay, me! I'm so fucking lucky! Except that things changed. Now I just pick up pieces of me and I pretend to be whole when I'm not. I try to be fine because it pains me to see my parents hurting. It disgusts me when every person looks at me with pity like I'm the victim of a fucking disease. Believe me, I don't want any of those things. All I want is to be happy for a fucking minute."

a mixtape for Willow, one of my characters from my original story "Wanderlust".

18 tracks
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