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best finest surgeon

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ok so i came here just digging through the st. vincent tag and i have to say this is a REALLY great mix!!!! i don't know what wolf 359 is so i can't comment on the accuracy of it but i've been in a musical slump for a solid week and i'm FINALLY hearing some new tracks in here i really like. thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@lunahorizon aww thanks i'm really glad you enjoyed the mix even if you didn't know the context of why i put these songs together! st. vincent is one of my all time favorite and very possibly my #1 all time favorite artist so you really couldn't have picked an artist to search that aligned more with my music taste. wolf 359 is an audio drama podcast, btw, and it's utterly fantastic so if you think you might be interested in that sort of thing i would suggest checking it out!

@emptyman awesome!!!! i'll have to check it out for sure. i love audiobooks and i'm always looking for something to listen to at work. thank you again! :)