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especially me and probably you

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This is another great playlist from you, and I have a couple comments: In Don't Be Afraid, is the annotation referring to Madoka's love of everyone and by extension her self-sacrificial nature and how Homura views that sacrifice? I also couldn't help but see Lab Rat Blues as Homura hunting down the witch that "dragged us into this dream world", and by extension Kyubey, and the possibility of Madoka being an illusion.

@BoyofGlass i often find with lyrics that they can be applied multiple ways, so when making annotations i’m sometimes thinking of more than one interpretation - as you say, lab rat blues can be viewed as homura’s feelings towards the witch who created the false mitakihara city or kyubey who manufactured the circumstance in which the labyrinth was created, especially those specific annotated lines, but the song overall has romantic connotations (“i saw you but you saw me first / living water to quench my thirst”) so i was also thinking of it as applicable to homura’s disillusionment regardings madoka’s wish and how that reshaped the world via the law of cycles. so yes, don’t be afraid has to do with madoka’s form of love being unsatisfactory to homura, from whichever angle you approach that with. it doesn’t just have to do with madoka’s love for everyone, but also how that love includes but does not single out homura, in a way that leaves homura’s devotion unrequited.