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Seventeen tracks including music by ANAMANAGUCHI, DJ_Fortepiano, and DesandNate.

  • Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi
  • papillons (.xm) by malmen & xyce
  • Simpler Times (PATREON BONUS BEAT) by SimCity SNES & Zelda Wind Waker
  • Yoshi's Resort Ft Ben Briggs by GameChops
  • Outset Island by Dreamwallow
  • Pachelbel's Canon (DJ Cutman Chiptune Hiphop Remix) by H33llxz
  • Prom Night ft. Bianca Raquel (2k14 Radio Edit) by ANAMANAGUCHI
  • Sailing Home by DesandNate
  • The Legend Of Zelda Remix (The Link Dance) by Rayzr
  • Letting Go by Capndesdes
  • nouveaux trous (.xm) by xyce
  • Hyrule Castle[FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Nostalgia
  • Dragon Roost Island by Dreamwallow
  • Caves of Ice (Aye Du Remix) by Destery Smith
  • Anthem of a Misguided Youth (Free Download) by Zelda Ocarina of Time
  • Triangle (BoxPlot & MegaFlare Remix) [Kevin Villecco Trap Bootleg] by Anamanaguchi
16 tracks
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